Don’t hate, educate

What is it?


Don’t hate educate is a campaign run by UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) which aims to tackle racism and religious discrimination in the UK. This campaign gives the chance for young people to speak out about the effects of racism and religious discrimination.

It came out as the top most voted issue in the UK following the Make your Mark campaign in autumn 2015.

The UKYP aims

  • Change discriminatory attitudes of young people towards race and religion
  • Raise levels of understanding about different races and religions, communities and cultures
  • Challenge negative images of race and religion on social media
  • Promote diversity and inclusion within communities.

In addition to this the UKYP are working in partnership with Kick it Out (who are an organisation who work within the football, educational and community sectors) to help challenge all types of discrimination and release any negative attitudes there may be.